Creating exchange of knowledge in organic fruit farming at European level

The project BIOFRUITNET aims at creating a network of European networks to exchange knowledge and innovations on organic fruit growing. In order to create connections among our institutions, groups and networks, the project partners invite you to join its yearly meeting:

  • When: 30.03.2022 from 11.00 to 31.03.2022 to 16.00
  • Where: OREA Hotel Pyramida, Bělohorská 24, 169 00 Prag, Czech Republic

The travel, accommodation and catering costs will be covered by the project via Naturland’s budget. If needed, more than one night can be covered. Please contact to clear travel and accommodation details.

Programme: BIOFRUITNET’s consortium will be happy to learn more about your network, and to present you the dissemination materials they plan to create and the activities they plan until April 2023. BIOFRUITNET’s expert will propose strategic support to plan the further development of your network in the mid-and long-term. A common visit to the Research and Breeding Institute of Pomology in Holovousy is planned on the 31th of march.

Click here for the full programme and information.