Second Online Seminar on 10th March 2022

Innovation in pest and disease control in organic fruit production

The BIOFRUITNET project will soon hold its second online seminar to boost innovation in European organic fruit production. The event will be held on 10 March from 9:30 to 12:30 and will present the latest advances in pest and disease management in organic fruit production.

Attendees will be able to choose between two themes that will be dealt with in parallel rooms.

  • General Moderation: Marco Schlüter, NATURLAND (DE)
  • Room 1. Biotremology as a pest control measure in organic fruit production.
    • Moderation: Vincenzo Verrastro, IAMB (IT)/Technical Support Room 1: Jutta Kienzle, NATURLAND (DE)
    • Speakers:
      – Valerio Mazzoni, Research and Innovation Centre, Fondazione Mach (IT)
      – Rachele Nieri, Researcher, Center Agriculture Food Environment, University of Trento (IT)
  • Room 2. Living mulches for tree row (understory) soil management.
    • Moderation: Eligio Malusa, INHORT (PL)
    • Speakers:
      – Michael Friedli, FiBL (CH)
      – Claude-Eric Parveaud, GRAB (FR)

You can find the agenda here.

More information regarding the link to follow the online seminar will be send to those that have registered their participation.

Registration to participate in the second online seminar is required. Please register here before 10th March 2022.