3rd Online Seminar on 8th November 2022

Innovation in pest and disease control in organic fruit production

The BIOFRUITNET project will soon hold its third online seminar to boost innovation in European organic fruit production. The event will be held on 8th of November from 10:00 to 12:40 via zoom, and will present the latest advances in pest and disease management in organic fruit production.

The topics to be presented during the seminar and the experts who will participate are as follows:

  • General Moderator: Eva Kohlschmid, NATURLAND (DE)
  • Topic 1. Fruit flies control in stonefruits (R. cerasi and D. suzukii),
    • Speaker: Eligio Manusa, INHORT (PL)
    • Moderator: Clemence Boutry, FiBL (CH).
  • Topic 2. Citrus Plant disease “citrus greening”
    • Speaker: Salvador Garibay, FiBL (CH)
    • Moderator: Évelyne Alcázar Marin, ECOVALIA (ES)

You can find the agenda here.

More information regarding the link to follow the online seminar will be send to those that have registered their participation.

Registration to participate in the 3rd online seminar is required. Please register here before 7th November 2022.