Online Seminar on 3rd December 2020

The BIOFRUITNET project has launched a series of webinars to boost innovation in the European organic fruit production. The first event was held on the 3rd December 2020, during which BIOFRUITNET experts presented the latest solutions applicable to the EU organic citrus, stone and pome fruit crops´ diseases and pests. Vincenzo Verrastro (CIHEAM-IAMB) proposed the use of sweet orange essential oil or plant extracts as a valid alternative to the contentious use of mineral oil for pest control management in citrus. Concerning organic pome management, Markus Kelderer (Laimburg) synthesised the most efficient agronomic measures to overcome the Sooty mould, a major challenge for organic apple growers. Finally, Michael Friedli (FIBL) showed promising results in regulating the black cherry aphid (Myzus cerasi) in organic table cherry production. About 100 participants from different European countries joined the discussion The first part this series of webinars was a perfect opportunity to share and expand knowledge in organic fruit production where the solutions are often either only locally known or only available in the scientific sphere. BIOFRUITNET is planning further future webinars to keep boosting innovation and facilitating knowledge sharing among the European organic fruit growers.


1. BIOFRUITNET: Innovate European Organic fruit production by Marco Schlüter (Project Coordinator, Naturland)
2. Organic Fruit growing networks in Europe: An analysis by Eligio Malusà (Research Institute Ogrodnictwa, Poland) or download his video from the BIOFRUITNET youtube channel.
3. Sooty mold: a challenge for organic apple growers and how can they manage it by Markus Kelderer (Laimburg, Italy)
4. Solutions to handle emerging pests in organic citrus production by Vincenzo Verrastro (IAMB, Italy)
5. Different approaches to regulate the black cherry aphid (Myzus cerasi) in organic table cherry production by Michael Friedli (FiBL, Switzerland)


This first online seminar part of the BIOFRUITNET project will take part on 3rd December 2020 from 10:00 to 12:20. You can find the Agenda click HERE.

During this online seminar a summary of the strengths and weaknesses of some of the stablished Organic Fruit networks in different EU countries will be presented. Moreover, experts on the different fruit species (stone, pome and citrus) will present practical cases on innovative plant protection techniques to overcome some pests that are very problematic and challenging for organic fruit growers in Europe.

Registration to participate in the online seminar is required. Please register HERE before 2nd December 2020.

More information regarding the link to follow the seminar will be send to those that have registered their participation.



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